Emergency Dentist Scarborough

Emergency Dentist Scarborough

Emergency dentistry is probably the most solicited dental service because a lot of people only decide to visit the dentist when they need to. Despite a significant increase in public awareness regarding the importance of preventive dentistry, a lot of people are still oblivious to the complications they might experience as a direct result of poor oral hygiene. A situation which we, at Cedarbrae Dental, intend to put an end to.

An emergency dentist in Scarborough must deal with a lot of different problems, most of which come down to one fundamental issue: tooth pain. No matter the factors causing it, tooth pain can instill a great deal of discomfort, rendering you unable to focus, causing sleeping problems and even leading to anxiety if left untreated long enough.

Alleviating pain is the immediate goal, but the underlying one is treating the cause. And, when it comes to teeth pain that can justify a state of emergency, several situations pop out:

1. Mechanical injuries

These refer to injuries to the teeth, the gum, the jawbone or any other type of maxillofacial trauma that needs immediate attention. Most common injuries that urgently necessitate a dentist’s intervention are related to various work accidents, as well as those related to extreme sports. Chipped, cracked or knocked out teeth may inflict severe doses of pain, while a severe trauma to the gum can provoke massive, dangerous bleeding.

2. Tooth rot, combined with severe pain

An advanced tooth rot will require the attention of an emergency dentist in Scarborough sooner or later. Also called tooth decay, this condition occurs when the tooth’s cavity has advanced so much that it ended up destroying both the enamel and the layer of dentine underneath. As a result, the tooth’s pulp, containing blood vessels and nerves, will inflame and potentially infect, at which point a root canal is more likely needed to eliminate the problem; an extraction when the case is hopeless.

3. Chronic pain

Although not as common among the population, teeth chronic pain can instill a tremendous deal of suffering, both physical and mental. Physical because the level of pain is excruciating and mental because of the patient’s torment of knowing that any slight touch or wrong move can reinstate the torturing sensation. Usually, this type of chronic pain is called trigeminal neuralgia, because it affects the trigeminal nerve spanning across the jawbone, leading to a pulsating, recurrent and intense pain, enough to drive people mad.

4. Advanced gum infections

When the gum becomes infected, it can cause severe pain, swelling and can jeopardize your health in the long run. In some cases, emergency intervention is required to eliminate the cause of the infection, usually using medication, combined with other dental procedures, like a root canal, extractions or surgical interventions.

An emergency dentist in Scarborough knows that preventive dentistry is invaluable regarding general health and when promoting people’s well-being. Which is precisely what we, at Cedarbrae Dental are doing. Because health is not what you get after curing a disease, but what you preserve by preventing all disorders.

Emergency Dentist Scarborough
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