Scarborough Dentist

Scarborough Dentist

Dentistry work, including the more complex and elaborate dental implants, has been done since olden times. Or almost immemorial. More precisely, evidence of dental implants was discovered to date back 4.000 years ago, in ancient China, where carved bamboo sticks were used to replace missing teeth. Almost couple millennia later, in 2.000 BC, ancient Egypt, people were treating teeth affected by periodontitis with the help of gold wiring. Here, at Cedarbrae Dental, we proudly push forward the tradition but on modern terms.

Every Scarborough dentist nowadays uses the latest medical procedures to deliver the best possible results. And there are plenty of opportunities for them to showcase their craftsmanship, because, so long as people will have teeth, they will also have teeth problems. And some of these problems can quickly evolve into others, seemingly unrelated, but a lot more damaging.

Oral health problems – Many and dangerous

Looking back at history, oral issues seem to have followed us like a curse every step of the way and we are still battling them today, except now we are way better prepared regarding methods and tools used. But there is no doubt about the fact that having poor oral hygiene can lead to a vast array of health problems, some of which can inflict great suffering and even death.

As any Scarborough dentist knows, the most common problems associated with precarious oral hygiene include:

1. Cavities

Probably one of humanity’s greatest inventions would be a vaccine against cavity formation. But, since we don’t have that yet, all we can do is work with the consecrated methods, mainly: fillings, root canal, extractions, tooth implants and so on. When left untreated, cavities can cause the inflammation of the tooth’s pulp, resulting in abscesses, swelling and a great deal of pain.

2. Gum infections and diseases

The accumulation of bacteria in the gum will eventually cause it to infect, resulting in gingivitis and, in its more severe forms, periodontitis. Both of these affections cause gum bleeding and increased gum sensitivity, gum retraction and, eventually, tooth loss. Not to mention the risk for bacteria to infect the bloodstream and affect the rest of the major organs in the body.

3. Neuralgia

Chronic tooth pain can be quite excruciating when left untreated. In some cases, dental problems can cause infections that will affect the trigeminal nerve, spanning across the jawline, all the way towards the ear, across the cheekbone and the eye-socket. The pain can be so intense that it may even lead to depression and suicidal tendencies.

4. Additional health problems

Provided that the oral bacteria resulted from gum infections end up in the bloodstream, the effects can be diverse and potentially catastrophic, including heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis and so on.

This is obvious evidence that a Scarborough dentist is more than just someone who’s expert at teeth fillings and extractions. A Cedarbrae Dental specialist is a life savior, whose primary goal is to preserve your health and help prevent a lot of health problems, some of which can kill you before your time has come.

Scarborough Dentist
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