Scarborough Dentist

Scarborough Dentist

Oral health problems your Scarborough dentist can help you prevent

Oral health issues have always been around, except now we are better prepared regarding our approach to care. There is no doubt that having poor oral hygiene can lead to a vast array of health problems.

The most common problems associated with insufficient oral hygiene include:

Tooth Decay

The common treatments for tooth decay are fillings. When left untreated, cavities can cause the inflammation of the tooth’s pulp, resulting in abscesses, swelling and a great deal of pain. When this happens, a root canal treatment may save your tooth. Otherwise, we may have to extract it and replace it with a dental bridge or implant.

Gum Infections And Periodontal Disease

The accumulation of bacteria in the gum will eventually cause it to infect, resulting in gingivitis and, in its more severe forms, periodontitis. Both of these affections cause gum bleeding and increased gum sensitivity, gum retraction and, eventually, tooth loss. Not to mention the risk for bacteria to infect the bloodstream and affect the rest of the major organs in the body.

Additional Health Problems

If oral bacteria from gum infections ends up in the bloodstream, it can contribute to heart disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and other health conditions.

This is obvious evidence that a Scarborough dentist is more than just someone who’s an expert at teeth fillings and extractions. At Cedarbrae Dental, our goal is to preserve your smile and look out for your overall health.

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