Dental Implants Scarborough

Dental Implants Scarborough

Losing teeth can affect us in more than just the esthetic department. Despite teeth loss being a natural phenomenon that usually happens with age, that doesn’t mean that we should get used to the thought. We are continually looking for ways to deal with the situation, and that’s precisely what we, at Cedarbrae Dental are doing.

Dental implants in Scarborough make for one of the most advanced procedures in dentistry, which dates back several thousand years, at the time of the ancient Egyptians. But we are long past the age of using bamboo pegs, or stone or metal shards to replace missing teeth. Just as we are long passed the time of the 1500s, when teeth were being transplanted from cadavers and poor, unfortunate folks, to those who could afford the procedure.

Nowadays, we rely on modern materials and advanced techniques to not only ensure a safe, painless procedure but a long-lasting one as well, with tangible, reliable results. A dental implant today consists of 3 parts: the crown (usually made of ceramic, which is strong enough to resist chipping, cracking, shocks and sudden temperature shifts), the abutment or the connector (the part which connects the crown to the base) and the base (the actual screw that goes into the jawbone, made of titanium, a metal which will fuse with the bone naturally).

The benefits coming along with a dental implant are significant.

Why would you need an implant?

Maybe losing a tooth won’t prove to be too impactful immediately. People tend to lose a tooth or two once in a while, not much of a tragedy, right? But there is one point where having dental implants in Scarborough will move from the “it’s an option worthy of considering” status to the “it’s an emergency” one.

As we lose teeth (even just one) the way we function will slowly start to change as well. In this regard, implants will come with several crucial benefits:

1. Prevent teeth repositioning

This will happen even when one tooth is being knocked out. The surrounding teeth will use the space to reposition themselves, sometimes causing pain and constant discomfort slowly.

2.Allow for a better digestion

Not having teeth to chew food properly will eventually affect your ability to digest specific foods, because the digestion process starts in the mouth, through the process of digestion, which mixes the food with the digestive enzymes. Dental implants will correct that.

3. Prevent premature facial ageing

When the teeth are gone, so is their support to the facial muscles and skin, which will tend to fall inwards and adapt to the new situation. This will give you an older you’ll not appreciate.

4. Give you more confidence and self-esteem

Missing teeth can cause problems with self-confidence and render us unable to smile and laugh or socialize with other people.

The role of the dental implants in Scarborough is not esthetic, but primarily functional, which is why we, at Cedarbrae Dental, consider them as the best way to increase life quality, when everything else has failed, with regards to dental care. And, when maintained properly, implants can become a lifetime investment in your wellbeing.

Dental Implants Scarborough
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