Protect Your Smile: Premier Sports Guards, Nightguards, and Dental Protection Services in Scarborough

At Cedarbrae Dental in Scarborough, our experienced staff has seen the protective benefits of sports guards and nightguards time and time again, and we’d love to create a custom-made guard that will protect your smile.

How Custom Sports Guards and Nightguards are Made at Cedarbrae Dental?

After we take a mold of your mouth, our lab team will create a personalized sports guard or nightguard for either the upper or lower teeth. This process ensures that athletes in Scarborough receive durable, dependable, and comfortable protection with our custom sports guards while engaging in sporting activities. Similarly, our custom nightguards offer protection while you sleep. Once complete, we’ll check your guard’s fit and make fine adjustments if necessary, ensuring the perfect fit for your oral protection needs.

What benefits do sports guards and nightguards provide?

Sports guards provide protection not just from sports-related dental injuries, but they can also help prevent more serious traumas, including jaw fractures, concussions, and neck injuries that can happen during contact sports.

Nightguards protect a patient’s teeth while they sleep and simultaneously reduce jaw pain and headaches that are often associated with bruxism.

Who is a candidate for these oral appliances?

Patients who participate in a variety of sporting activities, such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, hockey, baseball, and more should consider using a protective sports guard to prevent dental injuries. Those who know or suspect that they grind or clench while sleeping should wear a nightguard to avoid chipping and wearing down their teeth.

Do you have questions about sports guards or nightguards and whether one or both of these appliances might be right for you? Call us today!


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  • Avoid sports-related dental emergencies
  • Decrease your risk for head and neck injuries
  • Sleep more soundly and comfortably
  • Prevent damage to your teeth caused by grinding
  • Prioritize your smile!

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