Repair Tooth Decay With Natural-Looking White Fillings

At Cedarbrae Dental in Scarborough, we use natural-looking, tooth-coloured, composite resin fillings to restore teeth that are experiencing decay.

What are these filings made from?

Composite (white) fillings are comprised of a blend of plastics and fillings, including silica and dimethylglyoxime, which enable the material to easily bond with a natural tooth.

What benefits are associated with white fillings?

In addition to their aesthetically pleasing finish, white fillings help strengthen a tooth that’s been weakened by decay. This durable material also has the potential to last for many years with diligent care, is less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and placing this type of fillings requires that less of a patient’s natural tooth be removed, making them less invasive than traditional amalgam options.

Who is an ideal candidate for these fillings?

White fillings can be ideal for patients of all ages as they’re suitable for repairing cavities in both baby and adult teeth. They’re may also be ideal for patients who prioritize their smile aesthetic, as the material is virtually undetectable once placed.

If you’re looking for a reliable and natural-looking way to restore a tooth that’s experienced decay, white fillings may be right for you. Contact Cedarbrae Dental today to learn more about this treatment and how it can benefit your smile!

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  • Eradicate decay quickly
  • Prevent further damage to your tooth
  • Maintain your smiling & speaking confidence
  • Strengthen a weakened tooth with this restorative material
  • Prioritize your smile!

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