Love Your Smile

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Love Your Smile

Have you ever looked at your smile and said, “I wish I could have….” If you have, you’re not alone. While many people have these thoughts, most don’t know how easy it would be to make small cosmetic changes to your smile with big results.

For example…

Teeth Whitening: The first thing to consider when looking at cosmetic treatments is whether your teeth are as white as you’d like them to be. If not, we can whiten them first so that any other treatments you decide on will be colour-matched to your whiter brighter smile.

Bonding: Using the same tooth-coloured material that we use for white fillings, we can reshape one or more teeth to create the appearance you’d like to see. This is great to straighten the look of teeth, or to close a gap between two teeth.

Veneers: Thinner and custom designed for your smile, veneers are a longer-lasting option that can change the shape of your teeth and fill gaps like bonding can. Made from a translucent ceramic material, ceramics mimic the colour of natural teeth and reflect the light in a more natural manner.

Ceramic Crowns: Originally used to cover a tooth that has been damaged, newer materials that reflect light are making dental crowns a popular cosmetic solution for people who want to change the shape of their teeth.

Crown Lengthening: If you feel that your teeth look too short – or that you show more gum than you’d like when you smile, crown lengthening is a treatment that may interest you. We can do this to prepare a tooth for a restoration, or to give you the smile you want.

If any of these options sound like something that would you meet your personal smile goals give us a call. We’d love to join you on your journey to a beautiful confident smile.

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