Walk In Dentist Scarborough

Walk In Dentist Scarborough

Finding a dental office that accommodates your busy schedule is a top priority for most people who are looking for a dentist. And if you’re suffering from a dental emergency, knowing you have a walk-in dentist in Scarborough who is available – and conveniently located – can take off a lot of pressure.

The Dental Team At Cedarbrae Dental Understands This

We always leave room open in our schedule to help you if you just happen to walk by and need a dentist. We also understand that for some people, dental anxiety is a real barrier to finding a dental office where you can feel secure. We’ve found that even something as simple as a walk-in appointment to get a feel for a dental practice can relieve this anxiety for many people. Because you don’t have time to worry about meeting a new team, a walk in appointment can help you meet a real need for dental care, and get that need met right away. Then, at your first appointment, you get the chance to meet everyone, have a tour if you’d like, and receive your dental care when you want and need it – without worry.

We’re Here For You At CedarBrae Mall

So, if you find yourself near Cedarbrae Mall and think to yourself, “When was the last time I saw a dentist?”, come on in. We’re conveniently located right outside the mall beside The Beer Store, and we’ll always make time to see you. Finding a walk-in dentist in Scarborough is as easy as that. And while you’re here, our cheerful, welcoming team and dentists will help you decide what’s best for your smile – and help you find ways to achieve all you desire for a beautiful and healthy smile.

We look forward to meeting you!


Walk In Dentist Scarborough
Cedarbrae Dental
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